WELLINGTON June 4 2019

Speak Up For Women are calling for dishonest reporting of crimes to stop. It has become common place to see crimes committed by trans-identifying males (transwomen) reported as women’s crimes and this, say the group, is an insult to women who commit only a fraction of violent crimes in reality.

Today, The Otago Daily Times ran a story with the headline “Woman jailed after Timaru tattoo parlour ice axe attack”. However, the perpetrator of the violent axe attack Rose Beaumont is a trans-identifying male.

“It is virtually unheard of for a woman to go on a violent rampage with a weapon like an axe. Statistically, female crimes are far more likely to be non-violent,” says Ani O’Brien, Speak Up For Women spokeswoman.

The Timaru ice-axe attacker is not the first trans-identifying male to be convicted of an axe crime in Australasia. Earlier this year Evie Amati was jailed for 4 and ½ years for attacking strangers in a convenience store in Sydney with an axe. Amati identifies as a woman also. In fact, there seems to be some kind of significance to the choice of weapon. The Degenderettes, an international “genderqueer group”, are infamous for their posed images of transwomen with axes usually accompanied by blood and anti-women messaging.

“These are not our crimes,” says Ms O’Brien, “blatantly false reporting has to stop. In addition, our government must assure the women of New Zealand that these crimes are not also being falsely recorded as female crimes and that these violent criminals are not being housed in women’s prisons.”

Speak Up For Women are concerned that Beaumont will spend the sentenced 4 years and 10 months in a women’s prison. Given recent revelations that a trans-identifying male is under investigation for sexually assaulting a female inmate in a Christchurch women’s prison, fears the safety of women will not be put above the desire of males to identify as women seem all too likely to be realised.

“We ask the media to report honestly on the crimes of trans-identifying males,” Ms O’Brien says. “We ask our government to respect the women of New Zealand enough to not insult us by adding these violent crimes to our statistics and we demand that the public be told if this prisoner is being housed in a women’s prison.”

Aspects of transgender culture glorify violence

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  1. Racheal McGonigal June 4, 2019 at 6:22 am

    I do agree with Aniin this, as a Transsexual, post op female.
    But alas it is not as simple as saying ‘born with’.
    I have never liked the term ‘transgender’ as it just dumps all who dont confirm into a barrel, no matter the differances.
    Transsexuals are born one sex and transition to the opposite sex. They are a minority under the transgender umbrella and in no way should be used to repersent the transgeder community. It is a hugely diverse community and fractious.
    I ask that are these peoople Ani is talking about Transsexuals or some other group under the ‘Fantastic’ Transgender umbrella.
    Please dont lump all under the umbrella just because you dont understand it.


    1. We aren’t allowed to ask if they are male transsexuals or male transgender remember, “you’re obsessed with genitals” They say. They’re male not female is the point made, how they want to label themselves beyond that to differentiate or draw boundaries betweem them and other males and advocate for whatever protections they might need which dont violate existing rights of females is their own business I’d say.


  2. The person involved in the crime was identified as a transgender woman in the body of the text, so the headline for the article should have reflected that fact. You are right to draw attention to the skewing of crime statistics when transgender woman are recorded as female. As to the posturing group of young trans activists – they are beneath contempt.


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