Wellington, 24 October

Today, Speak Up For Women have announced that they have a new venue for their Feminism 2020 event in Wellington in November. 

The event, which has now sold out, was originally planned for the 13 November, but will now be held on Friday 15 November. 

Speak Up For Woman spokeswoman, Ani O’Brien, says: “We really hope everyone can make this new date, but we will of course refund any tickets that need to be cancelled. We tried to find a venue on the same date but there was nothing available that could be guaranteed not to ‘do a Massey”

Massey University cancelled their original venue booking citing ‘health and safety concerns’ following threats of protest and a petition calling for the event to be de-platformed. 

Ms O’Brien says: “There are coordinated efforts in place to find the new venue and shut it down, despite activists like petition organiser Charlie Myer saying Feminism 2020 ‘could have [the event] anywhere but it wasn’t appropriate for them to hold it at a university’”  

“Regular anti-feminist Stuff commentator, Caitlin Spice has been keeping Twitter followers updated on attempts to discover the new venue, insinuating that another harassment campaign of the venue will be launched.

“It is incredible behaviour from people who have claimed victimhood and painted us the villains,” says Ms O’Brien. “This is getting into ACTUAL human rights territory – in New Zealand our Bill of Rights Act is meant to ensure freedom of thought, expression, peaceful assembly, association, and movement. These extremists are accusing us of hurting feelings while they’re actively encroaching on human rights”.

In light of the ongoing attempts to deplatform them, Speak Up For Women have decided not to share the location of their new venue until closer to the date.

“It is a central Wellington location and we are working on a security plan to ensure all attendees and speakers are safe” O’Brien says.


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  1. So happy this event is happening! Solidarity.


  2. Well done to whoever offered a location so that Feminism 2020 could be held. I am sure that the event will be a resounding success.

    And as a Massey Alumna I feel nothing but disdain for the University’s capitulation to lies and hysteria. Utterly disgraceful.


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