Campaign Group Welcomes Hon Tracey Martin’s Announcement

Auckland, 26 February 2019 – Campaign group Speak Up For Women has welcomed the announcement by Hon Tracey Martin that the controversial Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill will be deferred.

The group, which formed in August 2018 to oppose the Bill, has been calling for the Government to put the sex self-identification clauses within the Bill on hold until there is reasonable public consultation, as well as for clarity on how the clauses in this Bill would impact other laws, namely the protected category of “sex,” intended to protect women from discrimination under the Human Rights Act.

Yesterday, in a surprise announcement, the Minister in charge of the Bill, Hon Tracey Martin said: “…significant changes were made to the Bill by the select committee around gender self-identification and this occurred without adequate public consultation. This has created a fundamental legal issue.

I fully support clarifying this process, but we have to make sure that democratic principles are followed. Given the significance of the changes, there has been inadequate public consultation.”

Ani O’Brien, Spokesperson for Speak Up For Women, says “we’re looking forward to working through the public consultation process. Members of our group have been researching these issues globally for several years, and we’re confident that with adequate consultation and consideration, New Zealand can find a way to protect ‘gender identity’ to enhance the lives of transgender people, without impacting sex-based legal protections for women and girls.”

Speak Up For Women are holding a public event in Auckland tonight, where Professors of Physiology and Law will discuss the impacts of sex self-ID on sport and on Human Rights Law. The public are welcome to attend, with tickets from $5

  1. Tracey Martin has finally taken the correct action with regard to Self ID, but in the meantime genuine concerns raised by the public have been painted as hatred towards the transgender community, which has never been the case.

    Certain government MPs have not covered themselves in glory over this issue, and I hope that they now have the humility to engage in courteous rational debate so any legislative outcome is a win for all concerned.


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