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The government has promised that they will be passing a bill banning conversion therapy in New Zealand. Speak Up For Women supports legislation that protects people – particularly children – from abusive and coercive forms of conversion therapy that aims to ‘rectify’ their homosexuality and make them heterosexual.

The proposed legislation, however, will include “gender identity” as well as “sexual orientation”. What this means in practical terms is that anything except immediate and complete affirmation of one’s asserted gender identity as a trans or non-binary person would be considered conversion therapy and most concerning this applies to children. No parent or guardian would be able to get their child therapy or psychological support despite the fact that it is well known that issues with gender identity in children often co-exist with conditions such as autism, eating disorders, and depressive/anxiety disorders. Therapists will face legal redress if they are to even explore the underlying factors of a person’s distress around their gender. Given the statistics that 'rainbow' organisations publish about the severe mental health crisis that trans and gender diverse youth experience and, in particular, the suicidality reported, to prevent therapy that explores their gender identity in any way is terribly concerning.

Additionally, there is growing consensus that the transitioning of large numbers of young gays and lesbians is in fact a form of conversion therapy itself. Clinicians at the Tavistock Gender Clinic in the UK have blown the whistle on the sheer numbers of parents bringing their gay and gender non-conforming kids to the clinic to be "fixed". They would rather have a "straight" trans son/daughter than a gay son/daughter.

Tell New Zealand's elected representatives that the conversion therapy legislation proposed by the government is obscuring the vast differences between sexual orientation and gender identity and this has a significant impact on the consequences of any such legislation.

Letter To MPs about Conversion Therapy
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