Massey University has announced that they will be canceling Speak Up For Women’s venue booking for our event Feminism 2020. On the same day, award-winning columnist, Rachel Stewart, quit the New Zealand Herald after editors didn’t publish her regular column because it was about Speak Up For Women.
Sean Plunket had Ani O’Brien, Rachel Stewart, and ACT MP David Seymour on his Magic Talk show to discuss the issues.

Note: apologies for any rustling or cat noises, we had to do a manual record!

Speak Up For Women’s Ani O’Brien


Rachel Stewart


MP David Seymour


  1. Well done Sean Plunket for standing up for free speech and real journalism .


  2. Off topic, but hearing the purring cat at the end of the Rachel S interview was adorable. Thank you all for your brave work.


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