When Massey University cancelled our room booking it was a blow not just to feminism in New Zealand, but to the principle and practice of free speech.

However, following the disappointing decision by the university, MP David Seymour contacted us out of principle to invite us to speak at Parliament. We’re grateful to David for his unwavering commitment to free speech.

On Friday evening Speak Up For Women will be hosted by David in the Banquet Hall of New Zealand Parliament. While it will be an amazing experience and a whole lot grander than the lecture theatre we booked outside of term time at Massey, the important thing for us is that we have somewhere to speak up.

Below are interviews conducted by Sean Plunket on Magic Talk with David Seymour and our spokeswoman Ani O'Brien.

  1. Well done David Seymour for arranging the new venue, and well done Magic Radio Station for taking the time to cover the transgender debate fairly over the past few months.

    I’m sure it will be a wonderful evening for all concerned.


  2. A real coup of a venue. Thanks. It’ll be an awesome informative evening.


  3. Really happy common sense prevailed, New Zealand women, have to have their say in an open, non threatening environment, we are citizens, have the much lauded vote and pay taxes. I have such respect for Ani and her co organisers, who have had to show such courage on behalf of women and girls and had ill considered insults the last few months. I want to tell the politicians who did this, as well, you do not represent me as a women in New Zealand. David Seymour is to be praised for understanding and defending free speech in society.


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