Speak Up For Women is a diverse group of ordinary New Zealanders who initially found each other on social media, at political party events, through our work - you name it.

We have a shared concern about the impact of transgender politics (including self-ID) on the rights of women and girls.

Where there is a conflict between transgender rights and women’s rights we believe it is critical that there is a need for respectful open discussion and that women’s concerns are listened to.

We are dismayed by the way in which women’s voices, both here and overseas, have been silenced by slurs, smears and targeted harassment campaigns. It is not transphobic to ask questions, to advocate for women and girls, or to draw attention to male violence.

Our group includes teachers, academics, health professionals, care workers, activists, lawyers and students.

Our group is run entirely by volunteers and receives no public funds.

We are not affiliated to any political party or religious organisation.

We would love to hear from anyone interested in supporting what we do.

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