To: House of Representatives

Sex self-ID proposals must be subject to reasonable public consultation.

  1. The Government must send the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Bill back to Select Committee; the sex self-identification proposal must be subject to robust democratic process, which includes reasonable public consultation.
  2. The Department of Internal Affairs must follow Crown Law’s advice to review how the proposed changes will impact the protected category of “sex,” and “sexual orientation” intended to protect women and same sex attracted people for the purposes of accessing reserved entitlements, facilities, services, roles or opportunities, or rights and obligations under the law
  3. The Government must, as a priority, ensure that all Ministries have assessed the impact of this law, and provide guidance to the Minister on any conflict of rights posed by self-identification.
  4. The Government must review how the proposed changes will affect data gathering, reporting and the integrity of records for things such as crime, health and monitoring sex-based discrimination such as the pay gap.

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