Speak Up For Women is urgently defending the rights of women and girls, in opposition to the Government’s proposal that a person’s sex should be a question of choice, or self-identification, on birth certificates.

We believe that women’s voices must be heard in the debate around self-ID.

The Issue In Brief

On 10 August 2018 the Governance and Administration Select Committee proposed amendments to the Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Relationships Registration Act (known as the BDMRR Bill). The proposal means that any person can change the sex recorded on their birth certificate, by a simple administrative process. There is no need for any medical evidence or even a change in appearance.

These changes were not signalled when the Bill was first introduced to Parliament, and have not been the subject of proper policy analysis, impact studies or public consultation.

Why This Matters

If a person is “female” or a “woman” just because they say so, then “female” and “woman” become meaningless concepts.

Biology is a material reality.

In a sexist society, our sex-based rights matter.

There are differences between males and females. Males are, on average, bigger and stronger than females. Males do not have the potential to menstruate, get pregnant, or give birth. Males are also statistically more likely to commit violent and sexual crime against women and girls.

A policy of self-ID has significant potential and unintended consequences for women and girls. For example, in relation to:

  • Access to single-sex spaces and institutions (e.g. changing rooms, girls’
    schools, women’s shelters, rape crisis centres, GirlGuiding, women’s prisons)
  •  Meaningful records and statistics – e.g. crime, health, employment, pay gap
  • Allocation of resources
  • Female-only scholarships and quotas
  • Sports teams

We support respectful, evidence-based dialogue and freedom of speech. We support the rights of transgender people to live their lives free from violence and discrimination. Rights do not exist in isolation and a fair society balances the rights of all.

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The author is a male supporter of Speak Up For Women. His opinions may not reflect the opinions of all SUFW members and supporters. A Brief Foreword I don’t entertain the notion of a crossover between trans-advocacy and feminism. The ideologies are fundamentally in contradiction. Feminists have always posited that gender is a culturally-constructed system …

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On 6 September, I held a public meeting in Wellington, as spokesperson for the organisation Speak Up For Women (SUFW). “Let’s talk about proposed legislation that would allow legal sex to be changed based solely on self-declaration,” prompted the publicity. “What could this mean for the rights of women and girls?” This is a fair …

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Proposed changes to the BDMRR Bill (“self-ID”): effects on children/young persons under 18 Speak Up For Women has concerns about the impact of the proposed changes to the Births, Deaths Marriages and Relationships Registration (“BDMRR”) Bill in relation to children and young persons. The proposals remove the existing Family Court “gatekeeping” function, and the need …

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New Zealand women bravely speaking up to defend their sex-based rights have recently been described as a “hate group” and “anti-transgender” by some trans-activists. This reframing conflates women’s valid concerns with ‘hate’ and also implies a malicious intent on the part of women. Individual women have been targeted in vicious and defamatory personal attacks. Given …

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Dear Minister We are writing to you for a second time, to raise with you further information relating to the “self‐ID provisions” contained in Section 22 of the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Bill, currently set down for its second reading in Parliament. New information about the background to self‐ID As Speak Up For …

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On Saturday 29th September 2018 Speak Up For Women are holding a meeting at Morra Hall, 115 Ocean View Road Waiheke. Georgina Blackmore will be leading a discussion on legal self-ID in New Zealand, and the impact on the rights of women and girls The event is from 11:AM to 12 noon. The event is …