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Limited Tickets Available Now


Limited Tickets Available Now

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Speak Up For Women's public event in Auckland on 26 February opened up debate about sex self-ID. The speakers presented rational and insightful discussion on the rights of women and of transgender people. We had the meeting recorded so that more people could benefit from the insight of our distinguished guests: Professor Alison Heather, Professor Rosa Freedman, Barrister Julian Norman, and MP Louisa Wall.

We support respectful, evidence-based dialogue and freedom of speech. We support the rights of transgender people to live their lives free from violence and discrimination. Rights do not exist in isolation and a fair society balances the rights of all.

Latest Posts

The Rachel Stewart column the NZ Herald were too scared to print

Speak Up For Women is publishing Rachel Stewart’s latest column, as the New Zealand Herald did not publish it. Rachel is an award winning journalist and one of New Zealand’s favourite opinion writers. It seems in today’s anti-women political climate, some feminist opinions are not welcome at the Herald. Please note it was written prior …

Massey University, Speak Up For Women and Feminism 2020

On 23 September, Speak Up For Women announced that we would be holding an event at the Massey University Theaterette. The event is called Feminism 2020. The intention of the event is to discuss the future of feminism. What are the big issues on the horizon for the women’s liberation movement to focus on? What …

Ani O’Brien speaks with Sean Plunket on Magic Radio about the backlash to Feminism2020

Speak Up For Women spokeswoman Ani talks to Sean Plunket on Magic Talk about Action Station petition to deplatform Speak Up For Women from speaking at Massey University.

SUFW talk about the Wellbeing Budget with Sean Plunket

Sean Plunket invited Speak Up For Women to join him on Magic Talk to discuss the Wellbeing Budget and in particular the $3million set aside for gender reassignment surgeries over the next 4 years.  

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Press Releases

Massey University gives in to the ‘thugs’ veto’…again – Press Release

Wellington 16 October 2019 Despite professing commitment to free speech principles, today Massey University announced they would be revoking their agreement with Speak Up For Women to host their event ‘Feminism 2020’ at their Wellington Campus. Citing “external advice on its health, safety and wellbeing obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, …

Feminist event driven out of city centre – Press Release

Wellington 09 October 2019 ‘A Conversation with Meghan Murphy’ – part of ‪Speak Up For Women’s  Feminism 2020 programme – has been relocated by Auckland Council. ‬ ‪Originally booked for the iconic ‬Studio One Toi Tū‪ on the corner of Ponsonby and K Road in the heart of the city’s rainbow community, the event has …

Rainbow Tick threatens to pull Massey’s tick if lesbians are allowed to speak – Press Release

Wellington 01 October 2019 Lesbians from women’s rights group Speak Up For Women are furious at reports that Rainbow Tick are threatening Massey University with the removal of their ‘tick’ if they let the group’s event go ahead. The group has been under attack from trans activist extremists since the news broke of their Wellington …

Iconic feminists to speak at New Zealand event – Press Release

Wellington 23 September 2019 Today, feminist group Speak Up For Women has announced an event to be held in Wellington on 13 November, featuring feminists at the forefront of the global movement.  Not afraid of telling it like it is, Canadian feminist and journalist Meghan Murphy is headlining the event. Also speaking are Dr Holly …


Women’s voices must not be silenced

  Women’s voices must not be silenced in the discussion around sex self-ID and gender ideology Speak Up For Women is concerned about the censoring of feminists and women who speak out against sex self-ID, and against the ways in which gender ideology is becoming increasingly normalised in language and culture. Women must be able …

What is to become of women’s sport?

Women’s sport has been in the news this year, with a growing controversy over the participation of transwomen in women’s competitions. Kiwi Laurel Hubbard represented New Zealand in the Commonwealth Games women’s weightlifting event at the Gold Coast last year despite having competed in the men’s events, prior to gender transition, in 2014. Towering over …

Reasons for Safeguarding Concerns With Self-ID

Speak Up For Women is often asked to provide proof that self-ID will result in harm. We believe this frames the issue the wrong way around. Sex-segregation has long existed as a principle in human rights law, for reasons of privacy, safety and dignity. We believe the onus must be on those seeking to change …

We Are Gender Critical Feminists. That’s It.

On 6 September, I held a public meeting in Wellington, as spokesperson for the organisation Speak Up For Women (SUFW). “Let’s talk about proposed legislation that would allow legal sex to be changed based solely on self-declaration,” prompted the publicity. “What could this mean for the rights of women and girls?” This is a fair …