Speak Up For Women is a non-partisan organisation that exists to protect and advance the rights and interests of women and girls in New Zealand.

Another Unfortunate Experiment

New Zealand's Transgender Health Policy And Its Impact On Children.

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Children's Rights In Education

Schools must not teach belief systems as facts.

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Response to the Human Rights Commission’s PRISM Report

Our response to the New Zealand Human Rights Commission's PRISM report. The report misrepresents human rights law and contributes to rhetoric which is already contentious and pits groups and individuals against each other.

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Sex self-ID: What’s the issue?

Sex self-ID threatens the rights that women have fought for and only recently gained.

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Sport is meaningless without fair competition.

Sport must be categorised by sex. Not by identity.

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We support respectful, evidence-based dialogue and freedom of speech. We support the rights of transgender people to live their lives free from violence and discrimination. Rights do not exist in isolation and a fair society balances the rights of all.

Latest Posts

Beth Johnson speaks with Sean Plunket about Media Council Ruling

  Speak Up For Women’s Beth Johnson talks to Sean Plunket on Magic Talk about Bad News and the Media Council Ruling. Bad News with Alice Sneddon is a web-based short series which received $380,000 of taxpayer funds via NZ On Air for 8 episodes. The funding was for a comedy/documentary series. The series was …

Ally Marie Diamond on Magic Talk

Ally Marie Diamond shares her experiences as a prostituted woman in New Zealand. Having exited prostitution Ally Marie now seeks to help women still suffering. She and Speak Up For Women are calling for a review of the current decriminalisation of prostitution.  Speak Up For Women supporter & survivor of prostitution Ally Marie Diamond   …

Jill Abigail, The NZ Green Party and Gender Identity

Yvonne van Dongen’s interview with Jill Abigail has been published at Noted.nz Jill discusses her decades-long involvement in feminist politics, including a long history with the Green Party of New Zealand and recent controversy over NZ gender identity politics. Regarding the claims of transadvocy, Jill states in the interview: “The “innate” gender identity claimed by …

Feminists have spoken up

When Massey University responded to activist pressure by cancelling the venue booking for Speak Up For Women’s Feminism 2020 event in Wellington, it proved to be a gift to the event’s organisers.  It ignited public debate around freedom of speech in our universities, and the group was invited to hold the event in the rather …

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Press Releases

Labour relentlessly proud to sneak sex self-ID back in – Press Release

Wellington, 6 October 2020 Yesterday the New Zealand Labour Party announced the “Rainbow Policies” they’ll be taking to the election. Despite professing to be “relentlessly proud” of their policies, the party neglected to announce a significant policy they’re reportedly intending to champion upon re-election – another attempt at embedding sex self-identification in New Zealand law …

New Ministry of Education guidelines may undermine the Human Rights Act – Press Release

Auckland, 8 September 2020 On Tuesday the Ministry of Education released their ‘refreshed resource Relationships and Sexuality Education’. The Ministry states the document is more “inclusive” and focused on “diversity” than previous resources. However, women’s rights advocates claim that in their attempt to appease the demands of gender ideology lobbyists, the Ministry has neglected its …

Call grows for prisoner policy review – Press Release

Auckland, 5 May 2020 Women’s rights group Speak Up For Women supports calls for a review of how transgender prisoners are housed while incarcerated. The group recognises the vulnerability of transgender prisoners and advocates for solutions that will protect the rights and safety of all. The case of Kylie So, a transwoman housed for three …

Review of Prostitution Law overdue – Press Release

Wellington, 13 January 2020 Following the murder of Bella Te Pania in Christchurch, Speak Up For Women, a New Zealand-wide feminist organisation, is calling on the government to conduct an overdue review of the impact on women and girls of the decriminalisation of prostitution. Te Pania is the fifth prostituted woman murdered in Christchurch since …


Response to the Human Rights Commission’s PRISM Report

This document is a response to the PRISM report (‘the report’)  produced and disseminated by the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.1 According to The Human Rights Commission’s website, statutory duties related to its role includes the responsibility to: Advocate and promote respect for, and an understanding and appreciation of, human rights in New Zealand society; …

Puberty Blockers Are Dangerous Experimentation On Children

New Zealanders will be shocked to realise the experimental nature of treatment being carried out on children and adolescents in the name of gender-affirming medicine. The treatment involves ‘puberty blockers’ – drugs that are shown by overseas research to have negative effects in the short term, with the long-term effects on the brain and bones …

Jan Rivers’ Abortion Legislation Oral Submission

  Jan Rivers’ Abortion Legislation Oral Submission Supporter of Speak Up For Women, Jan Rivers, spoke at the Abortion Legislation Select Committee in favour of the bill, but in opposition to calls from other submitters to exchange the word ‘woman’ for ‘person’ throughout the bill. Tena koutou katoa. Select Committee Members, Officials. Thank you for …

Women’s voices must not be silenced

  Women’s voices must not be silenced in the discussion around sex self-ID and gender ideology Speak Up For Women is concerned about the censoring of feminists and women who speak out against sex self-ID, and against the ways in which gender ideology is becoming increasingly normalised in language and culture. Women must be able …